Stephen J. Dann
~ ATT ~
UK Tax Advisor


Value Added Tax

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My VAT Service

VAT Registration

If you are not registered for VAT but you are unsure as to whether you should register for VAT, contact me via the email facility below and I will assist you personally in determining when you are obliged to register, and assist you with the registration process.

VAT Returns and Advice

I am able to provide a VAT Return preparation services at a cost of £ 125 per quarter for most businesses where turnover does not exceed £ 250,000 per annum.

You only need to provide the information I require, in the format I specify (an Excel sheet I provide) and I make all the necessary calculations. I then send you an email detailing the figures to be included in each box on the quarterly Return form.

This price includes partial exemption VAT computations where applicable, and I am also able to provide advice on VAT related issues for modest additional fees.


To engage my services, or for further information please contact me by e-mail
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