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Do you want to file a Tax Return and apply for a refund of tax?

Do you have your final cumulative payslip and social security card?

Most individuals can claim the maximum possible refund using the Tax Brain service below and the refund will be paid to you in 48 hours. Be sure to have all 1099 forms and other documents for 2007 plus your Social Security Number and take your time to enter figures on the form correctly.

If you reside outside the USA it is unlikely that this service will be suitable for you and I recommend you contact me personally via the email link on this page for individual advice.



If your Tax Return requires my personal service I can prepare and file your Return for a fee of $ 250. You will receive a refund estimation within 48 hours (if a claim is due) along with the completed form in PDF format ready to file .

This service is likely to be suitable for American citizens resident in countries outside the USA and for anyone whose affairs are particularly complex.

I have access to a highly competent former IRS employee with over 30 years experience who is able to provide me with a second opinion on any areas of doubt. For online advice or for US 1040 Tax Return preparation please e-mail me through the link below explaining your requirements and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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An alternative Self-Preparation service provided by Complete Tax is advertised below if you still wish to file a Return yourself and you do not expect to receive a refund.

Complete Tax is a CCH product. CCH have provided my professional library and software for more than a decade and I am impressed with this product which I consider to be more "user friendly" than Turbo Tax, although I personally find no fault with Turbo Tax which you may also find advertised below through Google. You may also find H & R Block advertising below and I am sure you are aware their services are franchised, often to individuals like myself and thus their services are no more competent than my own.

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