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ExPat Tax Return Forms

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Uk expat (ex-pat) tax return preparation worldwide - revolving globe

If you are outside the country then to contact a UK tax consultant you would have to approach an accountancy firm which is time-consuming and expensive. I provide reliable advice on a wide range of British tax issues online for reasonable fees and as detailed below I can prepare UK tax Return forms for £ 135. Further information about advisory work can be found on my "Advice via internet" page.

Whilst it is possible to complete your tax Return online via the Inland Revenue website, this is not a free service for expats. You will be expected to pay for certain forms, without receiving any assistance in completion thereof.


Expat Tax Return Form Preparation - How it works

1. I require you to e-mail me from this page, detailing the following:

a. Your full name
b. Your Inland Revenue reference number
c. Your National insurance Number
d. Your address
e. Your date of birth
f. The date on which your overseas employment commenced
g. Your employer's name
h. The address at which you are employed
i. Your salary for the year ended 5th April, 2007
j. The tax deducted from that salary
k. Your marital status
l. A list of any benefits in kind provided by your employer as detailed on form P11D
m. Any other information which may be relevant to your taxation affairs, such as investment income, rental income, etc.

2. You immediately receive an automated response confirming receipt of your message.
3. Within 24 hours I respond manually to accept the appointment, to confirm the fee, to request any further information and address any specific concerns you may have
4. At your discretion you provide any remaining information requested and pay the agreed fee.
5. Within 24 hours I e-mail you to advise of the taxation position arising from your Return and enclose a completed Return in PDF format.
6. You submit the signed form to the Inland Revenue along with the Agent authorisation form 64-8 at your discretion (this can be downloaded from my "links" page)

If at any time you prefer to exchange information via air mail or fax rather than e-mail I will be pleased to accommodate your request.
You may also use this service for the six years ended 5th April, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 by providing the same information and a note of the year(s) it relates to. If forms are required for three years or more the fee will only be £115 per annum since there is an administrative saving. As my fees are paid direct by you, any refund of tax due will be sent direct to you by the Inland Revenue.

Uk expat (ex-pat) tax return preparation worldwide - email letterbox

My fee is payable by credit card online via this website.

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