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If you require a legal document, contract or agreement from the list below you do not need to approach a lawyer who, in most cases, would merely prepare the form from a template he has used for countless clients previously. Simply download the required document by clicking the link and fill in details of names, addresses, dates, etc. to meet your own requirements. Many of my clients find this a useful and cost-saving service. This service is provided by a legal firm who update the forms as necessary.


Financial Documents

Employment Contracts
Power of Attorney (UK)
Partnership Agreements
Marriage and Divorce
Property Letting
Internet Law
Company formation

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Business Forms

Agency Agreement

Computer Maintenance

Confidentiality Agreement

Consultancy Agreements

Distribution Agreement

Ethical Policy

Export Agreement

Hire Agreements

Import Agreement


Joint Venture Agreements

Plant Maintenance

Software Support

Terms & Conditions

Click-Wrap Licence

Demonstration Licence

Shrink-Wrap Licence

Software Licence

Further Advice

Free Documents


Advertising Law

Banking Law

Charity Law

Consumer Law


Data Protection

Education Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Intellectual Property

Medical Law

Pension Law

Property Law

Public Law

Tax Law

Travel Law

Legal Resources

Books & Magazines

British Government


Expert Witnesses

Law Associations

Law Schools

Legal Jobs

Legal Stationers

Legal Translators

UK Courts

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