Stephen J. Dann
~ ATT ~
UK Tax Advisor

In Bangkok

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Thankyou for viewing my website. I have over thirty years' experience of tax consultancy in the Uk, of which the past 28 have been spent running my own practice. At the age of 53 I am now resident in Thailand where I am providing taxation services (Thai and UK) to the international teaching community. I still maintain a base of clients in the UK,and worldwide.

In this capacity my qualifications are accepted by the Inland Revenue, Companies House, and by banks and building societies for mortgage purposes.

The primary service I provide in Thailand is that of Uk Self Assessment Tax Return preparation. This work is largely computerised nowadays, and I am aware that many ex-pats will be paying UK taxes on pensions due to the provisions of the Uk-Thailand Double Taxation treaty. In some instances there will be letting income from UK property received under the Non-resident Landlord scheme, and investment income too. For the first year I charge one-third of the fee charged last year by a UK accountant/advisor, subject to a minimum fee of £ 170 ( Bht 12,000) for the preparation of the relevant form and any related work. This fee increases by 5% per annum with the minimum fee rising to £ 175 (Bht 12,500) next year. I will, however, provide an introductory meeting of up to one hour free of charge for members of the British CLub or the Chamber of Commerce.
Otherwise consultancy services will be charged at Bht 7,500 per hour. A new UK-Thailand Double Taxation Treaty is expected to take effect from 1st January, 2009 and I will provide a summary of the effects any changes will have on your finances for a fixed fee of Bht 7,500.
These fees will undercut any UK accountancy firm considerably, on a permanent, sustainable basis, and I am able to achieve this because my own financial requirements, residing here, are far less than those of a comparable individual in the UK and I am passing on much of this saving in lower fees. There is, however, a strict limit to the amount of work I am prepared to accept. I also prefer to handle everything personally rather than delegate to staff who may prove less reliable than myself.
In order to keep abreast of developments I am continuing my professional membership which requires visits to the UK and Singapore for professional seminars, and I am maintaining my extensive library here. .

If you are, or have previously been, teaching in Thailand on a contract for no more than two years

you may be eligible for a refund of all your Thai income tax.

Further details of my refund scheme can be found via the link below:


The Thai Tax System
I have a Thai Certified Public Auditor with whom I liaise on Thai taxation matters. We are able to provide taxation advice, operate Thai payroll, file Thai Returns and audit Thai limited companies. We can also form a company for you if this is necessary.
Some useful information on Thai taxes is available on the Thai Revenue Department Website

To engage my services, for an initial consultation, or for further information please contact me by e-mail below

Or telephone me on 087 0710270